TRANE Temporary Cooling For Schools and Educational Facilities

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TRANE Temporary Cooling For Schools & Educational Facilities

For education HVAC services, many schools and colleges trust Trane for temporary cooling solutions and rental chillers. Schools and colleges have temporary HVAC needs including:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Seasonal Cooling Needs
  • Special Events
  • Unexpected Outages

Trane Rental Services can help with your temporary cooling Educational HVAC needs during these times.

Repairs and upgrades cannot always be scheduled during times when classes are not in session, but Trane’s education HVAC rental services can keep classrooms unaffected during scheduled maintenance. Trane’s education HVAC rental services can keep students and faculty focused on schoolwork rather than the temperature of the building. School administrators can rent chillers or other temporary cooling components to be installed quickly and easily to keep education HVAC systems running while repairs or upgrades are made.

Many education HVAC system managers include rental chillers and power generators as part of their emergency preparedness planning. In case of a natural disaster or some other unexpected event that causes an education HVAC system outage, Trane temporary solutions can already be in place and ready for an almost immediate resumption of services. Similarly, if extreme temperatures overload the education HVAC system already in place, Trane’s rental systems can be installed very quickly and easily to alleviate and balance out some of the strain placed on the system by the extreme weather.

In addition to education HVAC system repairs and emergency cooling needs, Trane can provide rental air conditioners and diesel generators for special events like graduations, alumni gatherings, sporting events, and any other campus event. Whether indoors or outdoors, winter or summer, Trane’s education HVAC systems can ensure attendees are comfortable.

Also, many colleges and universities are research-focused and provide critical new discoveries in the sciences. Oftentimes, research labs have additional education HVAC needs to ensure equipment and processes used in the scientific studies function properly. Trane can provide additional temporary cooling services for these research and education HVAC needs.

With a vast fleet of HVAC equipment located throughout North America, a Trane temporary cooling solution for educational facilities can be delivered, installed, and operational fast. Trane can provide the rental chiller system and any components you need for a cost-effective solution to cover your education HVAC needs for any purpose. Review our list of rental and emergency equipment available to find what you need to cover your education HVAC system.

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TRANE Chiller Rental Options

Water Cooled Chiller

Ideal for large process and comfort cooling applications where adequate power is a concern.

Air Cooled Chiller

10-500 Tons: Equipped to provide quick restoration of cooling in emergency and planned shutdown situations.

Air Handling Units

Perfect for providing air conditioning to very large spaces where high efficiency filtering is required. 5,000-25,000 cfm.

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TRANE Chiller Rental Features

TRANE Equipment Rentals Tennessee

Temperature Capabilities

Trane Rental Services has an impressive array of HVAC, power generation and compressed air equipment. We can provide a single unit or a combination of units and build a solution to fit your needs. Our capabilities include 1-1,000-ton units of cooling, 36-1,500 kW of power generation, electric and indirect fired heaters up to 512,000 Btus, and 800 to 1,500 cfm Oil-Free Air units.

TRANE Equipment Rentals Tennessee

Oil-Free Compressed Air

ISO Class 0 100% oil-free air under all operating conditions. These air compressors are easy to install, ensuring your facility’s compressed air system has minimum downtime after an emergency.

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TRANE Equipment Rentals Tennessee


36-1,500 kW

Well-suited for applications that need standby generators when conducting service on existing equipment.

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